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What is it?

Smartlamppost is a modular concept of a lamppost with bleeding edge technology, allowing municipalities to future-proof their smart city and Mobile Network Operators to cost-effectively deploy their 5G solution.



The Smartlamppost follows a simple modular approach, with scalability in mind. It is easy to mix-and-match different modules in an elegant and clean solution. Because of its modularity and flexibility, Smartlamppost targets both municipalities and different businesses operating in different markets.

Right Now

smart lighting

This efficient LED-based solution takes electricity cost reduction to a whole new level. Smartlamppost’s solution makes use of LoRaWAN technology and a powerful web application making it easy to remotely manage, control and schedule the luminaire’s lighting operation mode.

ev charging

The optional ev charging module is capable of charging any electrical vehicle compatible with the IEC 61851 and its Mode-3 charging outlet provides an output power ranging from 3.7 to 22 kVA. These chargers follow the OCPP communication protocol, which allows for an effective monitoring solution via its built-in 3G or WiFi network interface.

telco capacity enhancer

Neutral hosting solution for easy 4G & 5G deployment in a cost-effective manner, through small cell and virtualization technology. This allows Network Operators to enhance their operational capacity by either having exclusive access to these small cells or by following a subscription model, re-utilizing available resources.

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Smartlamppost is a 5G Enabler

The natural demand for 5G networks is growing exponentially. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are massively rolling out new base stations (macro or small cells) deployments, yielding increased CAPEX and OPEX. To overcome such limitation and guarantee a cost-effective 5G rollout, an open access model, or Neutral Host, approach is key. Following this Neutral Hosting approach, Smartlamppost offers MNOs a way to cost-effectively deploy their network, making use of existing infrastructure and hardware, ultimately reducing the time to market and overall CAPEX and OPEX.

Powered by Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Smartlamppost provides not only the solution at the infrastructure level (built-in Small Cell and disguised antenna) but also the overall Orchestrator and Management components which allow for proper end-to-end Network Slicing, based on technologies such as NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) and SDN. This means that, through virtualization technology, Smartlamppost’s platform allows MNOs to either have full control of the underlying metal (Small Cell) or to use only a specific portion of its capabilities.

Dedicated Qos/E-aware End-to-end slices

Based on NFV and SDN, the Smartlamppost’s platform allows for dedicated and enterprise-grade network deployments with guaranteed KPIs. Leveraging the flexibility made possible through NFV, the v-RAN architecture is adjusted to the MNO’s needs. With this, different secure, reliable and scalable slices can be deployed having different use cases in mind such as those demanding massive bandwidth (eMBB), low latency and reliability (uRLLC) or massive communication (mMTC).


edge computing

Edge Computing is a new computing paradigm, where typical cloud services are brought closer to the end user. This paradigm shift allows massive IoT solutions to scale properly and for innovative applications to surface, whose latency and bandwidth requirements are key.

Future-proof your city with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution for e-mobility and 5G communication.


Smartlamppost is a joint venture created by different Portuguese companies, each with their own expertise domain, sharing a common goal: to develop an innovative ecosystem of high quality solutions.

Founded in 1971, Metalogalva is specialized in the design and manufacture of metal structures, having the capacity and skills needed to perform prototype tests, assembling level and/or structural strength. This industrial company has five industrial units occupying a total area of 60.440m², and a total gross area of 199.000m², having more than 500 employees

The Proef Group is composed by more than 25 companies and is currently present in 11 countries, with an overall figure of 1,500 employees. From global solutions in the areas of telecommunications and electricity, IT, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, as well as insurance and equipment rental, the Group invests in products and services that guarantee its customers a high degree of quality, differentiation, and innovation.

Ubiwhere’s main focus areas are future internet and smart cities, established in 2007. It is one of the most prominent R&I SME in Europe with different commercial products worldwide, having spun off multiple other companies in the process.


Are you taking the most out of your lighting infrastructure?

Smartlamppost is transforming cities, one lamppost at a time.

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